Cordoba Classical Guitar review with Gig Bag and Tuner


If you are stepping your foot on the musical journey and want to break into the nylon-string world, then you are in the right place. C100M Cordoba Classical guitar has been designed with a lightweight truss rod that makes the better adjustment for you. Moreover, nylon strings guitars are basically built lightweight than steel string guitars read full Cordoba classical guitar review for better understading.

Protégé by Cordoba is providing aspiration to young music learners with quality instruments. The guitar is absolutely well-organized and equipped with better strings and vibration. This allows better sound and intonation that is most demanded part of a guitar.

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Why you should read this Cordoba classical guitar review:

Cordoba guitars continue to earn their popularity as usual.  The Cordoba C100M delivers organic beauty and made with traditional craftsmanship. This guitar should be on your priority list for the perfect body, neck, and mahogany back and sides.

You should love the modern features and the extra combination of better equipment that have been artistically included with the guitar. That’s why we intend to recommend you to check this one before buying.

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Feature & Specifications:

  • The Cordoba C100M features with a spruce top and magnificent mahogany back and sides with better gloss PU finish in design. It enhances the classical beauty of the guitar and makes it comparatively stable.
  • A lightweight truss rod has been included efficiently by the designers to have a better adjustment in the guitar’s neck for the guitarists.
  • This full-size nylon string guitar combines a gig bag and a digital clip-on tuner. You can keep your musical book or the guitar in the bag to secure protection when you are on the way to go.
  • The guitar features with Rosewood Bridge and fingerboard and these are an outstanding material for any best guitar.Cordoba classical guitar review
  • Savarez 500CJ strings are equipped with this C100M nylon string guitar.


  • The soundboard is outstanding and provides amazing tone.
  • Attached strings are easy for fingers.
  • Easy to play and carry.
  • The fretboard is of high quality.
  • Offers excellent playability.

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  • You may have to change the strings after using six months.


  1. Is this guitar left handed or right handed?

Answer: It is right handed. By the way, you can use this string guitar either right or left. All just you have to do is to make a change in string configuration. Hopefully, this Cordoba classical guitar review is a great solution for you.

  1. Do the strings fit with the finger easily?

Answer: yes, the nylon strings come with high quality and they are comparatively close to the fingers. The strings will add a heavenly feeling when you intend to play the guitar. Thanks for the query.


Cordoba C100M classical guitar suits your demand for what you are longing for years. The guitar clips need little space to fit inside the gig bag. It is responsive and has been constructed with modern developments without compromising an inch of quality.

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