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Playing guitar is an overwhelming experience. But learning guitar chords seems a bit of troubling at first step. Hey guys!! Not to fear at all. These are just a process of building blocks of different music.

In this article, I am going to share some keynotes to make you learn the guitar chords easily with a few steps.

Guitar Chord

How to learn guitar chords:

1. Get introduced with the strings:

At the very first step, it’s very important to be familiar with the string s of your guitar. The best way to learn them is to know their position relating to their fingers.

To be getting started easily, know about the chords of A, E, D, C, & G. keep it in mind that the pick E string is the ultimate representative of the top of the line.

There are strings numbering from 1 through 6 in the vertical position. And horizontally, you will get the frets. Remember that placing your finger on the 3rd fret means that you are keeping them between the space of the 2nd and 3rd fret positions.

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C- Chord is one of the major chords in playing music. I am trying to represent the position of the C- chord on the guitar. The lowest note you will get in the strings will represent the 3rd fret of the string: C.

On the 2nd fret of the guitars D-string is E. Remember, you don’t have to use fingers on the G string as its open while you are going to strum C. The first fret position of the B string in the pick of the note is C.

3. Learn more about musical vocabulary:

Note that the C chord in the key gateway that makes you learn more musical vocabulary as well. Besides learning C chord, play other chords like F and G.

Consequently, you have to use a similar finger in playing both A and C chord.

4. Make an extension with the F chord:

Want to extend the strings in the F chord position? Instantly, you can do so using the D string also to play chords of F. Simply use your 3rd finger and run the music with the extended F chord.

5. Learn to play G chord:

Once you have gained courage playing the C and f chord, it should not be intimidating for you to play the G chord. Use different ways to play it. Run your fingers just as similar to the F chord expansion. Just moving two frets is necessary to do.

6. Play other chords:

E chord seems easier to play compared to other chords.  To play A, run your finger at the 2nd fret of B, D and G strings. The B chord is dictated with the black numbers and easy to play.


I hope, you can learn some of the common guitar chords putting some effective effort with this article. Actually, practicing the chords will make you remember each chord and their position.

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