How to play guitar songs the complete beginners guideline


For beginners, it’s a really very exciting task to begin their smooth journey with the guitar. In that case, it’s a million-dollar question for them to know how to play guitar songs.

To minimize your worries, we are presenting this impeccable article with just a few useful guidelines. Hope you can implement them and make it possible.

Step by step guideline to play guitar songs:

1. Hold the guitar properly:

This step is foremost important for beginners. For right-handers, keep the body of the guitar on the hip or thing. And the neck should position on the left part. For left-handed guitarists, the process is just the opposite of it.

2. Know the strings and the frets of the guitar:

It becomes comfortable for you to keep it in a perpendicular position. Introduce the six strings of the guitar soon. The thinnest string is the first on to count on and the heaviest one is the sixth string of the guitar.

The frets are responsive to the ultimate navigation of each note. The first fret is located far away from the body of this musical instrument. When it comes to playing strings, you must hold the fret down. For example, if it requires playing a song on the 10th fret, run your fingers between the 9th and 10th frets of it.

3. Learn to strum:

If you want to refresh your chord’s life, then strumming is a must to learn for you. For beginners, it seems to be confusing on how to start. The fruitful way to have a grip over it is by listening to the song carefully.

Use your thumb and index finger and make an “O” figure to hold the pick. For getting more comfort and stability, apply your middle finger if needed.

Most of the time, beginners make a huge mistake in strumming assuming it to play each note perfectly. In this case, concentrate on approaching a comfortable motion.

4. Learn and practice the chords:

This section is important and should be kept on regular practice to play a song in a guitar. Find out the space between the 5th string and the 2nd chord. Run your fingers through it to pick the string and have a sweet and soft melody tone.

Keep on attaching with the 4th string and put your middle finger above of its current position. These steps are for picking your first chords up. And it’s the E-minor chord.

I admit that learning the chord is not as easy as walking in the park.  For novice learners, it’s harder to change and transfer from chords to chords. You must memorize each chord and pick the songs to a pleasant tone by practicing more and more. 


Nothing is so easy at the very first step. I hope how to play the guitar song is clear to you. Try to approach for different rhythms and strum it regularly. Make sure you don’t get hurt on the fingers. Be comfortable precisely.

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