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Jamstik+ Black Portable App Enables MIDI Electric Guitar review, for beginners and Music Creators, iOS, Android &Mac Compatible, with Bluetooth Connectivity, Powered by Zivix


Jamstik provides the easiest way to learn with the guitar to the novice learners. The best part of this guitar is it works nicely with your iPhone, iPad, and other musical apps. With an attractive guitar learning series app, it easily fits your lifestyle.

No prior experience you will need to create tuning. This versatile musical instrument includes real strings with outstanding real frets. Jamstik is simply wonderful with a package of vision before you. You will definitely love the features that it delivers to you.


Why you need this guitar:

Perhaps, you made a try to learn guitar lessons and achieve not so much due to having various problems.  Or you have not practiced before. Whatever the reason is, you can learn guitar playing fast with the Jamstik. In fact, you can play chords in a minute with no doubt.

Adjustable teaching apps will let you walk through the music world of guitar step by step. The guitar will allow you to play it without any previous experience as well. The lessons are particularly included here for your convenience. This versatile and compatible guitar provides you an excellent MIDI controller that creates the awesome sound.

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Features and specifications:

  • Jamstik features you with a suitable finger sensing fretboard and music learning apps. It creates a display on the screen and delivers valuable feedback in reality.
  • Real strings with real frets are incredible parts of the Jamstik. It enables you to have a high-velocity sound and cause no harm to your soft fingers.
  • It has a unique system to connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone or tablet. You can operate your guitar easily with any MIDI apps you feel comfortable to play.
  • A guitar lesson app series has been including here to enable you to work effectively. It also saves your valuable money.jamstik guitar review






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  • The device is wireless and portable for you.
  • It delivers you the freedom to play it anytime, anywhere.
  • It combines a digital MIDI controller.
  • You will have the amazing feeling of playing the chords in minutes.
  • Provides quick feedback.


  • Sometimes it is difficult to press the capo button.



  1. Is Jamstik an ideal guitar for the beginners?

Answer: yes, definitely it is the best guitar for the beginners. Well-organized lessons with app series enable you to operate it freely at any time without any past experience. Once, you master the guitar lesson you can easily play it.

  1. What about the strings of this guitar?

Answer: The strings will make you feel like a real guitar as we have already mentioned in this Jamstik guitar review.Thanks for the questions.



The extreme desire for learning guitar is now in your hands. This Jamstik guitar review can make your wishes come true in a blink of an eye. That’s why we recommend you to check it and have an excellent experience soon.

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